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Sorcha Rose brings an exquisite modernization to the ancient lineage of our sisterhood. My first online womb journey with her changed my life. I did not know something over the internet could be so powerful, nor that such a sacred container could be held so impeccably (this way). The WAY that we did a meticulous cleansing before any journeying began, highlighted to me the profound reverence and owl-like level of awareness that she carries into this line. I felt safe safe safe, to dive deep, deep, deep. The refinement of my connection to, and through my womb continues to blossom to this day, as a result of this experience, and as a priestess of the Rose myself, I bow. May these words be but a pointing to something much, much deeper. A calling, and a knowing that only within the space can you truly discover the magick available to you here, with these pillars, and through your own womb. Beyond gender, the time is now for us to discover and live by these primordial guiding forces. Join us.

~ Nicole

Marie Rose

Sorcha is an incredible soul and embodies the rose medicine fully. A rose dieta connected me with this powerful and gentle plant medicine and rose is my ally ever since. Sorcha"s guidance and teachings evoke profound transformation in my life. In deep gratitude!

~ Sabine Kovats

Very deep transformative work.
Sorcha is a beautiful humble teacher , and I recommend her ceremonies with all my heart.
The connection with the mysteries of The Rose is heartfelt, ancient, healing.
I can t wait to work with her medicine again.

~ David Scarna