These retreats focus on awakening the core feminine qualities in the way you live life, helping you return to your innate intuitive nature. Bringing a rich beauty to life that is often suppressed by our active lives. Gifting yourself the time to truly rest without stimulus and in communication with the forces of nature, brings a deep restoration to your soul. 


Each retreat is there hold you in the a safe sacred space, supporting you to surrender into the healing as emotions arise when you stop from everyday activities. Through years of training & experience, I will personally help you to navigate the subconscious workings of yourself, to blossom in the beauty of the more challenging experiences in your life. Every person comes from trauma, this is where I invite you to be brave, courageous and loving towards yourself to face all that you have lived through, as this is what the world needs. Its time to fill yourself up with nourishing unconditional love and healing practices to walk the purpose you were destined to. 

These retreats offer a profound initiation for your relationship with nature, teaching through shamanism, herbalism and embodiment.

With love,

Sorcha Rose