All unique to you! 

These healing practices guide you to the root cause of why any emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blockages come in your life. Through the wisdom of the plants and the alchemical exchange between nature, you are able to receive a long lasting salve to guide you through the healing transformation. 

Through my years of training in the healing arts in Central America and being initiated in shamanic practices, it has brought together a comprehensive blend of tools to guide you into a deep discovery of self. 

You will have experienced trauma on some level of your life that holds powerful medicine for you to grow into and live in your highest potential. As you heal and cleanse yourself of past experiences, you step into the light of the space created from that release  brings realization and peace. 

The work of shamanic embodiment is a blend of Spiritual Herbalism, Herbalism, Somatic Therapy, Shamanic Journeying, Theta Healing, Aura Reading, Womb Wellness and Plant Medicine Ceremonies. Through ceremony with me you will come into the understanding of North American & Mexican traditional ways such as Temezcal, Limpias, Samadora and Rites of Passage.

I give thanks to all my teachers seen and unseen that have guided my life. I give a special thanks to the spirit of the Rose for showing me the way. 

Below you can discover the different healings available to you. 


Sacred Body Awakening

Embodiment Coaching