Sorcha Rose has spent 5 years devoted to the spirit of the rose. Working with her as a medicine woman after training in the Rose Healing Arts, Shamanism & Herbalism. She has 13 years of embodiment training through a spiritual practice called Latihan that has given her a wealth of experience in somatic healing & cathartic release. Alongside training as an energy healer with Theta healing, she has assisted many plant medicine ceremonies with the rose healings, songs and prayers. She has been immersed with the teachings from Central America, of the Camino Rojo, where she works with the elements of life as core foundation to hold spiritual transformation. She is an experienced spiritual herbalist, opening many peoples senses to the harmonic co-existence with the plant world through plant communication. Whilst being devoted to womb healing from her own personal journey of transformation, gaining knowledge of womb wellness practices to help women return to their true nature. She gives back often to communities sharing in South & Central America, teaching womb health and documenting the indigenous womb wisdoms.


Mission: To awaken the sacred intuitive body to all that come to work with her. 

"It was 5 years ago that I was taken through several transformative situations that through synchronicity brought me to the rose spirit & medicine. As a herbalist, shamanic practitioner and embodiment coach I knew the combination of this tools only heightens the incredible, profound relationship we can have with mother nature & her plants. Which is what lead me to share with you all today Rose Roots. "


"You are like the rose, with a thousand seeds waiting to bloom, where your fragrance lives to produce its nectars eternally."


The Rose has spoken throughout time for the wisdom of love that it carries. A message that is calling ever more loudly now.


In this collection of medicine there are different colors & species of the rose in their vibrational form. Some of the Rose Roots courses are curated around these unique essences & their healing powers.  



The Rose is a symbol of love honored for its healing properties and powers with; the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Pagans, Sumerians, King Solomon, Sufi tradition and Christian mysticism. To name a few of all the spiritual & religious groups that were aware of the powers of the rose and used its image as a symbol of our eternal soul. Used in rituals and gatherings to enhance the euphoric sensation of love, with its aphrodisiac qualities. 

The plant originates from Asia, the Middle East and some countries in Europe. Traveling along the silk road from Asia into the Middle East, gaining its popularity and entering European countries later on developing into a worldwide spread of Rose Gardens. It is 35 million years old, being witnessed as one of the first flowers on the planet. Up until the early 19th century the Rose was used by all people consistently in their homes, up until it was made inaccessible by raising prices. Being used mostly by the elite, where the perspective of this flower was shown more for its superficial value than its powerful physical healing properties. 

It is ruled by the planet Venus, aiding in our relationships, love and connection to the physical body. It supports people uniquely as it alchemises the cells of the body to the frequency to love. 


Emotional Body | Brings a sense of love in all its forms, helping to soften the heart and soothe any heart break. Increases self worth, acceptance, self love and compassion. Helps all emotions to be held in the loving embrace of the feminine energy. 

Mental Body | Alchemises limiting beliefs around apathy, self worth, hatred, disempowerment, disrespect and responsibility towards oneself and others. Helps to develop loving communication & relationships. 

Spiritual Body Lifting the soul and the spirit into beauty. Helping with apathy, loss of spiritual connection by returning you to your innate soul essence and purpose. Helps to give you guidance on your evolving journey through life, helping you to develop your sensitives and sensual nature. It is known its divine feminine qualities of mystery and rebirth. 

Physical Body | Helps the cardiovascular system, toning the soothing the internal organs like the liver and kidneys, detoxes the body whilst replenishing with minerals, increases beauty, aphrodisiac, support health gut flora, reproductive support, increases fertility and healthy menstrual cycles. Among a small list of its physical health benefits.