I’m here to hold you as you bloom.

Ready to become alive & connected to the earth again! To remember your body as a delicious tool to live a life of purpose…

Come discover the world of shamanic embodiment with me and enhance the power of plant medicine to bring harmony to the way you walk on this earth.

You will find unique & potent offerings that help you remember your innate feminine essence within.

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The transformation gifted by plant alchemy helps you return to a deep intimacy with the earth and your own sensual body. Shamanism becomes a powerful tool in awakening the medicine that each plant holds, as you can learn how embodiment of their innate nature brings change into your relation with life. 


Rose Roots awakens ancestral wisdom of the plants within you to bring healing and restoration to you on all levels. Helping you to remember your purpose and your potential to walk life with beauty. These offerings help to heal disconnection to your physical body from trauma and cultural belief systems, bringing balance to your wild mystical feminine nature again. 


In devotion to the ancient flower teacher Rose this space shares the prayer that you can return to a harmonious relationship with the sacred body of the earth. Providing a space for people to learn about this plant teacher and be in service to its medicine. 


Holistic Rose Healer

Practitioner Training