These trainings open the doorway to the unseen forces of the planet, reconnecting you to your instinctual magic. Providing you with a rich selection of tools and practices that you can practically apply in your life, helping you to live to your fullest potential. You have the inner healer within you waiting to be realized for the powers that they gift into your life. When you decide to journey with the wisdom of your body, life will blossom into a future that you haven't yet dreamed of. 

Shamanic embodiment is an ancient tool used by ancient cultures worldwide for you to be deeply connected to the natural cycles of life. Recognizing the process of the transformation as a sacred rebirth, that helps you return to your true self. This helps you to realize your divine purpose and destiny without limitations you can manifest your dreams. Through shamanism you are able to release traumas from the past on the different levels of existence, bringing you into spaciousness of light, where you can live life with ease. Embodiment connects you back to the physical, to bring balance to the masculine & feminine aspects within your life. As you tap into the sensual body you are able to communicate with life in a whole new way. 

The healing arts shared in this space have been gathered from teachers in Central & South America, they are profound healing tools using the; chakra system, past life regressions, aura readings, energy healing and physical healing with plants. They prepare you as a practitioner to be in service to humanity through the wisdom of the Rose flower.