Have you been searching all over to find a rose healing course that calls to you? That teaches you how this plant medicine works on all holistic levels? 

Would you like to train to host your own rose ceremonies & healing sessions? 

Imagine how it would be to start a healing with deep passion, joy and gratitude to be able to share this medicine that has been speaking to your soul for so long. 

After the holistic rose healing course you will feel that continuous magic from this ancient flower spirit. 

Are you wishing to be held on a relaxing course where you experience the treatments first hand whilst learning how to give them. 

Discover what is offered in this course ... 


During this course you will be guided into a ethereal space of communication with the plant deva of the Rose. Learning about SPIRITUAL HERBALISM as a core foundation to your practice as medium for this medicine. 

You will directly listen, receive and document all the information you receive about each Rose flowers personal health benefits. 

This will help you to build a precious guide for the Rose Archetypal Healing that will enable you to develop readings for your clients.

Intuiting which medicine is called to bring better alignment into their lives from the simple law of attraction. 

Guiding you into the world of the each different rose and their unique qualities. Based on FLOWER ESSENCE THERAPY. 

Each Rose has powerful loving qualities holding both their shadow & light aspects.

Through the healing guidebooks that you receive in this course you will feel confident in being able to support your clients. 

Supporting them through the wisdom of what the Rose brings to provide long term solutions to mental, emotional and spiritual limitations.

See SPIRIT OF THE ROSE about page to learn about the effect of flower medicine on our waters and energetic system. 

The Rose is an ever evolving spirit in the way it works in the system as it will continue to work in the holistic system, 

long after you have completed the healing session.

In this course you are developing yourself as a medium for its wisdom.



SANACION DE LAS ROSAS originates from a healer Luis Felipe from the Sacred Valley, Peru. Then passed to me by my Mexican teacher Chimalli. 


It works with physical roses as a deep alchemical healing process, working through the chakra system and auric field cleansing as a modality that allows the Rose to work its magic. 

Providing a nourishing, restorative and transformational healing through the energy of the rose that you will directly give to your clients after this course. 

This course prepares you to give 1:1 Rose Healings & Ceremonies. An incredible modality to incorporate into any healing space and holistic practices. 

Are you feeling excited to learn about the rose in an in depth way? To surround your home, clients with the blessings this loving deva spirit brings? 





You will integrate the medicine of the rose into all aspects of your life, through intuitive herbalism, shamanic practices & embodiment.

Guiding you on a transformational journey with the ancient flower deva of Rose. 


You will explore the medicine through herbal preparations, the healing arts, ritual, prayer and ceremony. Immersing you into all layers of your relationship to your feminine energy (being & feeling), your sexuality + authentic expression. 

This will empower you to shed more petals into your true self.


Beginning the medicinal cycles with the Rose by softening hardened parts of your heart and body. Whilst you are nourished by herbal blends and elixirs, inviting you to explore the physical element of this plant. You will feel illuminated by spiritual herbalism practices which enhance your relationship to this flower. Helping you as you detox mental limitations towards your capacity of self love.


You will integrate all aspects of yourself through love, harmonizing your emotions and mind into a more loving relationship with self. Helping you to be anchored and centered in the heart, bringing balance to the masculine energies (mental & doing ) within you. Through this course you will awaken your profound sensuality with life, helping you to discover beauty in all places and within your mysterious feminine essence. 


This course is a healing experience as you alchemize with the rose, cleansing your blood, cells and waters. You will benefit physically from this medicine, as it will regulate your circulation, calm your nervous system, balance your reproductive system and supports your heart health. Whilst you are nourished internally with vitamins, minerals and probiotics. 


Why the Rose?


Through generations people have been disconnected to the nourishment of love and our intimacy with nature. Leaving us malnourished from an essential ingredient to life, to have the wisdom of self love, compassion, acceptance and faith. 


The Rose teaches you how to love oneself, others and all beings on this planet as a part of all of nature. When you work with this medicine with embodiment, you recognize your capacity to transmit and heal through the energetic properties of this flower spirit… 

opening the doorway to true Rose Alchemy.


Are you ready for that journey? Can you move through all the reasons why not to and listen to that SOUL Illuminated YES. 


Know that once you say YES the nectar will flood in, the warmth, the holding, the deep profound cosmic mother will touch and bless your life in ways that are hard to believe. 


TRUST in yourself, I am here with you in the shadow and the light. 


You can REGISTER NOW and secure your place on the course in Rose Alchemy!





The Wheel is based around the Wheel of the Year, which includes all of the equinoxes, solstices & cross-quarter days. 

The Wheel of the Year is a modern amalgamation of the earth-based cultures of pre-christian Europe. Yet, tracking the journey of the sun and celebrating the solstices and equinoxes is a part of all indigenous cultures around the world throughout time in various ways. 


The medicine wheel is an ancient shamanic modality to bring more depth and clarity into your life through the teachings of each of the directions. East, North, West, South, Father Sky, Mother Earth and The heart. This specific medicine wheel is to develop a deeper connection to the earth and her cycles. Remembering the ways of our ancestors. 


The Wheel Teaches us about Cyclical wisdom, through shadow + light, seed to blossom. 


Through out time and space the archetypes of the divine feminine have been woven together in one big tapestry. Each rose flower essence hold this ancient wisdom. Over different centuries these aspects of our connection to the feminine consciousness was separated, in Greek Mythology, they speak of a time that all the goddesses where made to turn against each other from jealousy, believing they were not whole. In this medicine wheel you restore the original fabric of the feminine consciousness within you + life, merging with an ancient flower spirit, The Rose. 


The medicine wheel has come from the mysteries of the Gold Rose and its diety Ix Chel, known as the Goddess of the Moon. In Mayan cosmology she held the rainbow serpent which holds the three aspects of the feminine in their full development. The Maiden, Mother and Crone that the essence is one with Cosmic Mother. Initiating the rites of the feminine for all of humanity. 


Rainbow Rose Medicine Wheel will guide through the directions + seasons, perfectly mapped out for the astrology of 2021. 

Awakening all the codes: 


  • Find peace with yourself

  • Setting the intention of your inner healing, soul purpose + destiny

  • Listen to your inner teacher/guide

  • Heal the inner child to rebirth into divine wisdom

  • Restore your empowered sexuality to awaken into the new path and unified consciousness

  • Living life whole, complete at one with yourself and the earth

This Medicine Wheel amplifies the medicine of the Rose Archetypes. Working with the natural forces of the universe we follow the moon cycles as you integrate the codes with embodiment tools, astrology, transmissions, medicine making and one on one shamanic healings.


Each Moon Cycle includes:  

  • Medicine Codes

  • Alchemical Embodiment

  • Womb Yoga + Embodiment Practises 

  • Luna Cycles, Planetary Alignments + Astrology

  • Personalized Medicine Bundles

  • Scared Temple Space

We come together once a week for a 1hr 30 min Zoom call online, where we will be diving into ceremony with each rose archtype. During the week you will be given a practices to integrate each code